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Grey Mare
Enjoying pasture time in the fall at Windholme is a pleasure for the mares.

Windholme is very proud of its many top-quality Dutch, Saddlebred and Arabian mares. The Farm is firmly committed to breeding only the best stock and realizes the contributions that exceptional mares bring to the breeding equation. For this reason, Windholme owners and staff have carefully assembled a mare band with the genetic strengths to produce offspring with conformations capable of the demands of today's show ring, and the heart and will to "get out there and do it!"

Among the Farm's Arabian mares are bloodlines tracing to Wisdom, Hucklebey Berry, Aploz, Aladdinn, El Ghazi, Bask, & Medallion. Bloodlines of the Saddlebred mares include Wing Commander and Supreme Sultan. Windholme's Dutch Harness mares are descendants of historically renowned Dutch horses including Renovo and Immigrant, as well as highly regarded DHH stallions such as Majesteit, Fabricius, Fortissimo, Patijn, and of course, Horal.

Pasture Mares
Mares and babies


Windholme Farm’s Dutch Harness Horse mares and foals share an idyllic life. They grace the farm’s 238 acres, and doze in the sun or practice their animated trots, in what is, arguably, one of the prettiest places in America.

Sharing pastures in mare and foal combinations helps the youngsters mentally, as they adjust  to their places in the herd hierarchy. This translates to an easier transition when they are weaned and brought in for handling and later, for training.


Casanova WH
Rosilda and 2007 colt



The 2007 colt, Casanova WH, by Horal and out of Rosilda, was presented at a keuring in Coatesville, PA, where he earned First Premium status, and overall Champion 2007 DHH colt over all colts presented at keurings across the United States. Rosilda is another of Windholme’s foundation DHH mares. She is a ster mare by Harald (x Kolinda).


Valkyrie WH
Valkyrie WH



This mare is a prime example of the Dutch Harness Horses owned by Windholme Farm. Valkyrie enjoys ster status with the KWPN and has shown successfully at Renai events and at open sport horse shows, with high scores among all warmbloods shown. She is by Patiijn and out of Pebora V, one of Windholme’s foundation DHH mares.




Willow WH
Willow WH


Windholme’s owner shares a tender moment with Horal’s first foal, Willow WH, as she waits to enter the ring to be evaluated. Willow earned 2nd place overall with the American Warmblood Society at the United States year-end inspection.

Horal is Windholme Farm’s premier black DHH stallion, and Willow WH was the first DHH offspring of his to be born at the farm following his importation. Horal is a licensed DHH breeding stallion. Rosilda, Willow’s dam, by Harald x Kolinda, is a Windholme foundation DHH mare.