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         The Farm

Windholme Farm is a step back in time to an area steeped in tradition. Nestled among the gentle, rolling hills of rural Virginia, Windholme ‘s origins date to the 1700s. The original buildings have been restored and improved by the farm’s owners to a state of near perfection—with views from every vantage point that are second to none.

Windholme Farm hills
A scenic view of one of the lush fields that the horses at Windholme Farm enjoy grazing on.

The barn complex is reminiscent of an earlier time, but incorporates state-of-the-art breeding facilities within its brick-red walls. Turnout paddocks alongside tree-shaded lanes wind throughout the farm and connect the mare barns, shed rows and the stallion barn.

Windholme’s equine staff takes great pride in providing for the horses in their care. Nothing is left to chance, and each equine resident is treated with respect and confidence. From birth, the youngsters are handled appropriately and taught how to be “good citizens,” so that they can go on to new homes with good manners.

The beautiful drive into the farm leading to the barns.

When a horse is ready, it begins a conditioning program that makes use of a state-of-the-art 60' indoor bullpen or in the 200' X 90' arena, both of which utilize the best footings currently available. Every session is  tailored the animal’s individual needs, always with the goal of keeping its mind fresh and interested in the work.

Guest homes are available for those wishing to visit Windholme. Its owners encourage visits in the hope that long term relationships will be formed. As most horse owners know, there are no better friendships forged than those created because of horses.