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         The Dutch Harness Horse
Today's Dutch Harness Horse is the culmination of more than 100 years of selective breeding in the Netherlands to produce harness horses with proud, high carriage, a long moment of suspension in the trot, broad foreleg movement with high knee action, and powerful carrying ability.

Windholme Farm's stallion, Horal, is a representative of the "Tuigpaard" [tweeg'-pard] style of warmblood horse. (The public may be more familiar with other types of warmbloods such as Holsteiners, Oldenbergs, or Hanovarians, many of which are very successful in dressage, jumping and other performance events.)

The Tuigpaard-type horse was developed in Holland to provide a "Sunday" horse for Dutch breeders – one that was more noble in appearance and would move proudly and impressively in harness – that they could show off on their way to market, church or on family visits.

Horal Driving
Horal winning the Fine harness class at the 2002 Renai World Cup Championships, Clarke Vesty driving.
Horal Riding
Horal illustrates the elevated front with engaged hindquarters so necessary for today’s English-action performance horse.
In recent years, a few discerning American breeders – particularly those of Arabian horses – have discovered the qualities that Dutch Harness Horse stallions have to offer as outcross blood for their programs. A number of these breeders have imported Dutch Harness Horses with the goal of creating a more spectacular trot in their Saddleseat or English-style prospects. Windholme Farm, in Orange, Virginia, is one such program.

With the importation of Horal, a grandson of Renovo, one of the most famous Dutch Harness Horse stallions in Holland, Windholme Farm has obtained a stallion with many of the qualities sought in an exceptional Dutch Harness Horse. His powerful hindquarters carry most of his weight, allowing his front to rise and for him to use his remarkable neck. The combination of the long moment of suspension, good balance and rhythm and fine coordination between fore- and hindquarters with the lifted front enabled Horal to compete successfully in the highest class competitions in the Netherlands.

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