Side Horse

HoralNestled in the historic rolling hills of Orange, Virginia, Windholme Farm is quietly making a name for itself by producing exceptional youngsters for a variety of disciplines. The farm has carefully selected breeding stock from Dutch Harness Horses, Saddlebreds and  Arabians with the goal of creating athletes that have all the outstanding traits inherent in each of these breeds. The initial goal was to create individuals with English potential, but an unexpected bonus has been the creation of really top-caliber sport horse prospects as well.

  Windholme Farm invites you to join the growing number of astute trainers, breeders and amateur riders who have discovered the caliber of horses at Windholme. The farm’s youngsters—by its stallions, or by many nationally recognized performance sires—
are already racking up successes in the Sport Horse arena and in the main ring, with many showing potential for Hunt Seat, Dressage, English, Driving, and even Park.

  So—if you’re looking for a youngster for the show ring, or for breeding stock to improve your performance odds, chances are good that you’ll find it at Windholme.

(And you’ll probably want to stay awhile, too!)